Golden Gaytime

A True Story

So its December, my final work trip for the year and I get to return to see my mature friend in Mount Gambier after almost 18mths absent from his wonderful cock.

I'm naturally very excited and brimming with anticipation as I roll into "the Mount" after a full day working along the road. What lays ahead for me? I'm thinking, I hope he is still as keen to pound my hungry gay cunt into oblivion as I am for him to drill a gigantic cock size hole in my arsehole and fill my bowels full of sperm like a Murray River flood.

We exchange texts and I arrive to rendezvous with him at 8pm at the less than romantic (but thoroughly practical) Commodore Motor Inn, a very 'travelling salesman' type motel that my company has put me up in.

He looks really good. Covid has put on a few kilos on his already large frame but he carries it well and still has that wealthy retired farmer chic , with his RM Williams boots and fresh ironed chequered shirt tucked neatly over his not unsubstantial belly into his blue denim dad-jeans. And of course that trademark warm rugged smile greets me and is instantly disarming and attractive.

He's previously been a bit reserved with intimacy, so I'm a little surprised that once the motel door clicks shut that he embraces me and kisses me deeply on the mouth, his tongue darting around with mine and him cupping and parting my bum cheeks thru my jeans, squeezing me towards him in so I can feel the firm pressure from his crotch against me. I'm instantly seduced. My sexy silver fox is obviously excited to see me too.

He helps me out of my clothes but for now stays dressed himself, so I'm nude and exposed except for my socks on the bed with him on top of me in a dominant dynamic that sets the tone. He nibbles at my nipples and down my tummy to my now semi hard cock which he sucks up and teases at my full balls, on his way down between my thighs as he lifts them and spreads them to access my freshly smooth shaved pouty arsehole and bury his tongue right into my hot little wanton hole. Its electric and its what I've wanted for months from him.

The pleasure just bolts thru me, he has a way with rimming me that's just elite. I envy his wife if he licks her pussy like he does mine. I pull my knees back so he can bury his face right in there and suck on my arsehole, trying to turn me inside out and get to my sensitive pink bits, making me moan aloud just a minute or two into it. Here I am already holding his head to me as he slurps and probes now with a couple of fingers too into me. I'm opened up for him, he's a master at that just knows how to unlock the treasures in my hole with that tongue, and I fumble at his belt and zipper desperate to a access that landmark cock of his that I've dreamt about for almost two long years.

We free the penis. There it is, the glorious 8 inches of cut rigid pole-like viagra hardened mature fucking weapon that I've craved and missed so much! Its a pin up cock. He knows it. It seems bigger than ever. Definitely harder than ever. Gravity is struggling to keep it in orbit as it hovers at almost right angles. He pins my shoulders back and loads it into my mouth, pushing down the back of my throat forcefully to gag me on it. I cough and choke and reach around to hold him back to savour that superb tool a bit, but he pushes my hand away and pulls my head toward it. He's in the mood to get right into it, this was more like the alpha mature strong man I remember!

Sucking on that beautiful big mature dick, inhaling his manly aroma, I barely notice he's fingering me until I feel what must be all 4 firework-rocket size fingers in me at the angle he pushes, realising I'm so horny I've opened up in no time and he's snuck some lube into me so I'm softened up and slippery, almost ready for that married manfucker of a cock in me already. He asks me if I'm in the mood for some "hard loving" and I muffle out my positive response, nodding as his cock fills my windpipe with his balls slapping into my chin with each press into me. I feel him wretch at my own dick and balls with his huge farmer hands making them feel small in his grip, and he's very rough in pulling them away, saying "we won't be needing these for a while".

He takes a moment to remove his jeans and shirt, then mounts me like a horned-up gay missionary, on top spreading my legs and lining up his big hard cock with my moist cock dock and pressing into me in one talented movement. It's like a pressure valve being pushed in and then released. I think I even make a whooshing noise! My god it feels so big and full and rewarding. It feels bigger than 8 inches. I'm sure it expands once its inside me, it always has done this and I feel the privilege of a tamed slut in the presence of an experienced master. I'm twitching and deep breathing desperate to relax enough for him, and he's twitching too trying not to unload in me immediately. "Dont look at me!" he orders. As he groans and we have this minute or so where his cock is soaking like a Mormon virgin in my stretched burning younger anus, his balls press up against me as his dick probes in deep and my bald bold cunt recalibrates and he is slowly able to thrust in and out.

So he fucks into me this way and that, rolling me on my side and raising a knees to fuck right in and rolling me over to grip me at the hips and attack my hole doggy style until I'm panting and gaping and his fat dick is just branding my womb with his cock logo over and over. He's in and out of me with clean air shots, showing off his ability to tease and degrade me, embracing my well earned gape and commenting on what a hot little whore I am. I'm revelling in it as my inhibitions evaporate like the sweat off his forehead and much to my excitement he pulls out his cock and slips his whole hand into me to give me a stretch out and prove to me I'm the kind of manwhore he knows I am. Oh god I lean into it and he just pushes and stretches into my hole, I want him to split me apart! The mans hands are twice the size of mine, it feels like he's shoving a football up my bum in the best kind of way. But he just teasing. Just making a point to me. He's awakened the inner slut and there's more proof. Fist out back to fucking again, he's back in me with that dick hammer and I'm going crazy pushing back against his cock for more of it, knowing i can swallow that dick in my bum now he's given me an oversizing for it.

Now here I am totally unashamed holding my thicc cheeks apart for him, and I feel like a submissive fucktoy again getting rammed without any regard for my own wellbeing, just wanting that big dick up as far in me and as hard in me as he can deliver. And wanting to please that cock. And my man. He's brought out the piggy in me and I'm losing it, enslaved by old man cock just the way I was when we last met, actually even more than then and into new territory as my lust takes over and he whips at it to make it go even harder.

I have to taste him. I beg him to let me. He is very happy to oblige. His brutal and beautiful cock is just glistening with my milky bum butter and I shamelessly and sultrily lick and suck him clean, relishing the flavours and playing up to the slutty image he likes from me. My arse is coozing and his upmarket anal whore, (thats how he addresses me in emails and texts) is just pampering at his dick with willing mouth and he pushes me back onto my knees and says he's got a special surprise.

Thing are moving fast. I'm a little shocked. I think I know whats coming and open my mouth ready. He points that slug of a cock at my face and this warm golden shower just sprays into my mouth and I almost cum without touching myself in depraved excitement. It sloshes in and out of my mouth and all down my chest. There's so much, as the stream just comes on stronger and faster. He aims into my face, I clamp my eyes shut and rub it all over my chest and into my hair as he golden showers me right there on the motel carpet without a care. I am literally drowning in shameless submission. I can only describe my feeling at this time as excitedly erotically out of control. A step beyond into another place, like opening a portal to another world that’s uncomfortable and dangerous.

He holds my jawbone up to see me gulp it down. My god here I am, we haven't even been there for half an hour and I'm naked in a cheap motel with this hot dirty old man using me, I have a gaping arse with a fist sized hole in me and I'm drinking from this 64yo man at his feet with my mouth wide open begging for more. So much for upmarket! There's no choice but to go with the flow, pardon the pun.

He is totally driving this bus now. He gives me his arsehole to lick next. It’s proper domination. I'm wretched and now shivering with humiliation as much as cold. He buries my face between his cheeks, standing dead still pushing his mature bum into me, the heat and sweaty tangy taste just making me more horny and his cock has switched modes again and I can see it waving like a flagpole from 45 to 90degress. I grab it to confirm he is loving what Im doing with my tongue. Just the act of doing it is making me so hot. He' s back harder than ever and I move to suck his balls into my mouth, causing him to flinch as they pop into my mouth behind my teeth in turn and cause him to weaken a little at the knee. "Get on me slut" he growls with a sideways smirk.

I'm all rangy and loose. I've lost all composure. There was an otherwise straight acting neatly dressed businessy guy standing here 30mins ago, no there is a used whore to this overlord grandpa cock and I’m just aching to please. I feel like he's dragging me backwards out of a swamp which they have plenty of in the south-east. Maybe he is trying to unbalance me that way, make me feel used and abused like this, take advantage of me - of course he is I think, he's testing me. And he is. He holds my head up by the neck and tells me right to my face, "You're here to please me. Me not you. Got that?" I nod. This is what I've agreed to in advance. I am literally doing what he asked in his emails over the last few months. Why am I actually surprised? It dawns on me, this is exactly what he wants and I am doing it. So damn I will do it well, I decide.

I get my turn to get on top and impale myself on his cock. I'm deliberately rough and he likes it. There's that whooshing feeling again as his experienced faggotmaker sinks right into me and I grind myself onto him with my hips twisting and turning like a corkscrew into me so his full balls are pressed against my cheeks. I start pulsing my arsehole muscles around his dick as best I can, and he throws his head back. I can barely grip against him but I'm doing my best to milk his rampant cock inside my hungry gay love pipe. I start to ride and my god it feels so good inside me I think it’s me who might cum first. I hold my my hands up behind my head and ride like a naked bareback cowboy. It’s grinding and groaning, his dick is like a telephone pole in my anus, like an extension of my spine, but it wants to paralyse me. I'm so horny for this man.

It's often cold and wet in the south-east, and I'm still wet with piss and I'm sweating and I feel it running down my back as I leaned forward to kiss him with his dick inside me. "You finish the job" he orders me, pushing me away from his lips, denying me the intimacy as is the way it had been on previous occasions. I enthuse with a breathy whisper, assuring him I will be good boy and do what master wants.

He obviously isn't happy to wait any more. He sits me up on his cock and rocks me onto my back with my knees up around his ears and in one motion drives his big powerful cock into my bowels so deep I cry out loud enough to be heard and think oh god this time he's genuinely going to split me apart. Then he presses his 100kg+ frame onto me and fucks hard into me now, barrelling into my embarrassingly greedy cunt, me blushing and gasping simultaneously as I'm taking it all capably, apart from the weight of him upon me. It was definitely a 'take that you whore' moment. I'm sure he planned it. It's the crescendo as he tries his hardest to destroy my arsehole and at that moment in all honestly I truly hope he does.

Men like him know how to use a repressed slut like me. He recognises the pedigree in me. He at once shames me about my own desire for cock and encourages me to go further in my pursuit of it. He knows he has that older man control over his younger increasingly desperate for attention whore, and how to maximise my potential. He brings out the anal whore in me. He take some places I did think I'd go. He makes me crave the shame.

He's on the finishing straight and I'm urging him on, then i feel him spluttering and then this rich blast of sperm filling my arsehole- its the moment we've both been waiting for and he is calling me a slut and a whore and his glory is spurting into me as I am holding on tight. Fuck yes, that what I've been missing! I'm wet with piss and sweat with a gaping arse full of mature cum, nude under this big strong nasty married mature man. Fuck covid, this is what life is about and we are back!

He's switches off like a light, like most of these older guys do, and he rolls off me allowing me a full breath of air for the first time in a few minutes and all his cum just oozes out of my gaping bum onto the bed and I'm ruined. "Look at you" he says bemusingly. And look at me indeed. I feel like I got washed up on a shipwreck with a pole up my arse. It feels like his cock is still inside me I'm that gaped out! I reach around and can easily put my hand straight into my arsehole, so I do and sing eat feels good I push it right in and stroke my dick for all of 30secs before I cum too.

"Do you want to get some Thai food?" he says. We’re back to reality. So I have a shower and change and we do. Highly civilised, sitting there int he restaurant, the first time we've been actually out in the town together since we met at a work function a few years ago, and now I'm there all bred up with his brown babies in me eating a green chicken curry. Now I’m drinking a cold beer from a glass with him picking up the bill.

So we finish the night back at the motel watching a movie with me giving me an epic hour long head job and him inserting a bottle of chilli sauce in my bum just because and making me cum again by fucking me with it (but thats another story), then we sign off of another trip with me swallowing his second load, then he has to sneak out back into his house so his wife thinks he's been out on a business dinner with a investment advisor. Well he kind of has been, hasn't he. Just a different kind of investment 😉

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