Love & Ritual Workshop Weekend

Love & Ritual Workshop Weekend
Do you miss feeling butterflies? Do you long to play with others? Are you ready to (re)awaken your erotic energy?

The Festival of Love and Ritual is an opportunity to CELEBRATE the diversity and richness of our being with one another.

Over 2 days – 7 & 8 October - will be a program of Workshops and Erotic Ceremonies. The Festival is a unique opportunity to Open Your Eyes to what is possible in this realm Invigorate your existing relationships Reconnect with your own body Maintain healthy boundaries Feel the Joy of Being Alive.

This workshop program invites us to give ritual attention to simple things, like foot washing, dressing, feasting and kissing, as well as opportunities to learn to navigate shadow aspects of ourselves, such as shame, insecurity, creepiness and our unconscious attachments to the constraints we put on our minds.

Everything culminates in a curated open play space, called the Magical Ceremony, where there will be a live gong bath and singing as a counterpoint and juxtaposition to people playing with one another.

Erotic and sexual experiences can be as powerful as heroin.

Ritual and ceremony help us to transition from the ordinary to out of ordinary states of awareness.

Come delve into this with us!


Authentic Living Centre
2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

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