My first encounter

A True Story

Today I had my first-ever date with a man. I met him down the road the ensure that he wasn't a predator and then he followed me to my house.
We kissed and I wasn't sure about that. I stripped and he stripped as well. I knew that he wanted to take his time but I wanted to get this started.

We jumped on my bed and kissed and started to fondle each other. I moved down and took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him. I scratched his balls and started to wank him. He began to get hard and I resumed my fellatio.

He was enjoying this. I tickled his balls and fellated him. I enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. It wasn't a big cock and I fitted him in with no discomfort.

I continued and asked him to tell me when he was cumming. After a minute or so he told me that he was going to cum so I bobbed my mouth up and down and fucked his cock with my mouth.

I'm cumming, he said and I felt him spasm and thrust. I waited and waited and then I felt his cum in my mouth and I swallowed it. The taste was pretty neutral but it did coat my tonsils.

I'm not that keen on kissing a whiskered man. I would like to find a lady boy and see how that goes. I really enjoyed sucking that cock.

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