Park hookup

A True Story by 69bi69bi

I was at Victoria park in Echuca feeling horny and for something different I had a bought a pair of soft white g strings to put on. I went to the men’s room cleaned myself with wipes and put them on under my track pants and went back and sat in my car. I was feeling a bit dirty wearing them and slid…

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First time

A True Story by Simple88

I have been wondering about mm sex for a long time, I was in Adelaide and found that there was a gay sauna. I decided to go and see what was that all that about. Arriving to the place was intimidating but I was horny so I just ventured in. As I entered I paid for the entry, the guy at the counter gave…


A Night of Passion

A Fantasy by ControlConnerDP

Max had been looking forward to tonight all week. He and Alex had been flirting at work for months, their playful banter filled with unspoken tension. Tonight, they finally had a chance to explore that chemistry outside the office. Max’s apartment was dimly lit, the ambiance set with soft music and…


How I lost my cherry

A True Story by SirloinAu

This is a true story, Its exactly how I remember it. I was only 18 at the time and used to smoke a bit of weed. I fell in with this crowd who consisted of singles and couples who were older than me. I was a bit of a sex addict, Banging a few girls and even had a threesome with one of the couples…


House Warming

A True Story by MatureAnal

My first solo move out of home was to a little place in an outer beachside suburb of Adelaide called Moana, about 45mins drive from the city. I was 19 almost 20yrs old fresh out of uni and I'd scored a reasonably good job (for a younger guy) so the whole experience was one big life adventure learning…


Breaking me in

A Fantasy by Biguy252

We had been chatting for weeks now, sending photos, sexy messages, discussing fantasies, of which I had plenty, talking about experience with other guys, of which I had none, sadly. The time had come to meet though, you gave me your address, I was so nervous and horny a mix of emotions ran over my body…


My Bi experience

A True Story by Goman123

How did I get to be a bisexual? It was a gym day, and I was 23 at the time. I t was fun to get amongst the guys and do a workout. They teased me about me having a good ass, but I never minded it was nice to hear that they liked it. So, after the workout we all went to the showers and get ready to…


My little bondage pony

A Fantasy by Bondageponybdsm

He knocked on the door his host let him in he proceeded to strip down to the red stockings red suspenders and black frilly see through panties he was wearing underneath showing he was shaved down bellow and hard without a word he got down on all fours and his host put his ankles in a bar spreading his…


A Night to Remember

A True Story by Bobbie71

It was a few years ago that this happened. A had come to know ( I will call him John) for a while. Nothing had happened between us until now. We had been messaging each other one day when the conversation started to get a little naughty. We both decided that we should catch up one day. We arranged…


Adult theatre adventure

A Fantasy by curiousbothways

I downed my last drink of the night and was getting ready to leave the bar. All my friends had left already headed home and left me by myself. I was horny and needed some dick. I walked down to my local adult theatre to see if I could get some action. I paid the entry fee and headed upstairs, I walked…


Gay ste hookup

A True Story by Hotlittlebod

I noticed he had looked at my profile heaps so I checked out his, he wasn't bad looking, had a nice dick and was not far away. On my profile it was pretty clear that I wanted to be fucked and he was keen as so we arranged to meet at his place. After a quick douche and shower I put on some sexy undies…


A date with Daddy

A True Story by curiousbothways

I met this guy on this site not too long ago. We met at a local coffee shop close by to where he lived. I was nervous but horny and curious. He was an older gentleman with silver grey hair and a dad bad. Exactly my type of man. After some nervous chit chat he invited me over to his apartment. We continued…


Road trip blowjobs

A True Story by matlong6

I moved house from NSW to Queensland and was finally ready to leave my old premises to make the 5 hour drive into Queensland. After 3 hours of driving I was tired and stopped at a rest stop. I pulled in and there were a few cars there. I felt all eyes were on me. I don't know what came over me but I…


First kiss

A True Story by BicuriousD.71

Never was interested in kissing another man. It was something that never did anything for me while watching porn, always skipped forward to the good hard-core stuff. Had played with a few guys, lots of oral, tossing, groping and sharing the Mrs. This time was at a party. After being in the spa and…


More the merrier

A Fantasy by BicuriousD.71

Love a bit of dirty talk in the bedroom. My wife was using a vibrator on my arse as I was tossing off and getting ready to cum on her boobs and licking up the precum that was dripping on them. Were talking about fantasies and here is one. In a room with 3 other guys and instructing them what to do…


My new toy and the day dream!

A True Story by CuriousGuy4Play

My new toy has arrived! Having gotten into the awesome feelings and sensations of prostate massagers I am constantly on the look out for the next one to try. I do have a current favourite in my collection, but always looking for one that will take the experience to the next level.. to really hit the…


Hot time in the bushes

A True Story by Casualguy669

I was feeling kinky, and dirty so I washed up and lubed up, got in my car and drove 30 mins out of town to a know cruising spot. When I got there is it was just after 1 pm so there were a few cars parked but nothing really going on. I got out and making sure everyone could see me in my bright cute…


Suddenly curious…

A Fantasy by CuriousGuy4Play

All of a sudden I have just had this curiosity to play with another man. To touch another cock.. to stroke another cock.. plus many other things that have come into my mind! I have now introduced some MM and MMF porn into my wanking video library.. the guys genuinely look like they are enjoying themselves!…


On the Anal Beat

A True Story by MatureAnal

This story goes back to the 1993 when it seems times were a bit more wild and free and I was a very promiscuous 19yo with a body that had visual appeal to the older men and after a few drinks I knew it, so I would occasionally take advantage of this. On this night I'd been out drinking (and maybe…