My first MM experience

A True Story by Usemy2holes

I always knew I liked guys. once I reached sexual maturity I knew it was something I was gonna do. My first time with a guy was 3 months after my 18th birthday. I was at metro nightclub drinking until the wee hours of the morning. All of my mates decided to go to another club, but I was horny and didn't…


The awesome 4some

A Fantasy by Blowmeslow

There was four guys in a room with a whole day to spare. Me and 3 others. In this room was a special padded comfy multi adjustable seat with a cutaway so that there's plenty of access to the scrotum from the front or the behind. There was a couple of chairs and stools. We each had a colored marble…


Caravan R n B

A True Story by Gaynow

R and B had been friends over many years. They had gone to college together, but led separate, very different lives. However, now they were both divorced, retired and looking for new friends, adventures and relationships. They had accidentally met on an overseas trip and B had sought out R’s contact…


First time.

A True Story by Cockadoodledo37

I’d chatted to P a few times online and he had put me at ease, knowing it was to be my first sexual encounter with a guy. It was the daytime and I was working close to where he lived. I arrived at his place and buzzed his unit. He opened the door. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting footy shorts…

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First time

A True Story by Tom83000

I was at university in a share house with two other friends. I am discreetly bi but have only been in a relationship with women my age or a bit younger. We had a landlord that would come over and inspect the property every couple of months. He was an older man, in his mid 60s and was really handsome.…


My first sauna experience

A True Story by MarkCarver

Back when I was in my early 20s, I had a job in Melbourne CBD as a Team Leader (and weekend manager) of a call centre from the hours of 3.30pm til midnight. I had to run to get everyone out on time so I could catch my last train home, which was at the train station around the corner at 12.06am. It didn't…


It Just Happened and took off from there

A True Story by Auscum

Holidaying with a family and I had to sleep over in the tent. There young son, who was 19 yrs but still had that slim, tall figure of a boy. We were in the same tent and I was sleeping hear him. I had know him for sometime and he gave signals at times that he was gay but I wasn't sure. So as we…


A willing hole for uncut fun

A True Story by UnCuTvers

Had a date yesterday and thought of doing the same to YOU. Had the guy on all fours and was playing with his hard dic from behind. I worked his ass open gently with one finger before working up to three. He groaned in pleasure so I pushed his head down into the pillow and mounted him deep from behind.…



A Fantasy by Felatio12

Found my self on a gay site and got to hook up with a masculine fit bloke that had me dripping wet with precum yet I still wasn't hard. They had more experience than me and I let him slowly lick the precum from around the tip of my cock and made him take all my soft cock deep in his mouth and suck hard…


It Was Delicious **Half True, Half Fantasy**

A Fantasy by BiGuy1972

I met Perry through one of those "dating" sites, and after some messaging and sharing pics, he invited me around to his place for a beer when I had finished work. I was relieved when he opened his front door and our eyes met for the first time. He looked good, and his reaction to me suggested that…

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Sex shop surprise! A slightly embellished true story.

A True Story by luvejaculation1

Ever since the first time I'd seen a porno movie I've been obsessed with the Cock. I guess that's due to the cartoon nature of pornography and seeing the ejaculation is what makes the sex real. I'd always been able to get a woman to orgasm during sex and had some great blow jobs but I'd always wondered…


Friday Fun

A True Story by goodtime71

On the way home from work, I went to a club I had felt horny all day , and decided that I would check the club out. I went into the dark room downstairs after handing my beers to the guy on the counter. I watched for a while then went back up to the video lounge. I found this cute Asian guy,…


my first massage

A True Story by comet6

I joined massageexchange and posted that I like to receive massages as I am not qualified to give and thought that this would be a good way to meet people around my own age. I got a message from a member who said that he would be happy to invite me over during the day in SE Melbourne and asked if I had…


My first encounter

A True Story by NewyPensioner

Today I had my first-ever date with a man. I met him down the road the ensure that he wasn't a predator and then he followed me to my house. We kissed and I wasn't sure about that. I stripped and he stripped as well. I knew that he wanted to take his time but I wanted to get this started. We jumped…


Golden Gaytime

A True Story by MatureAnal

So its December, my final work trip for the year and I get to return to see my mature friend in Mount Gambier after almost 18mths absent from his wonderful cock. I'm naturally very excited and brimming with anticipation as I roll into "the Mount" after a full day working along the road. What lays…


A young and eager virgin

A True Story by curiousbothways

I met my first gay encounter on this dating site. He was a mature gentleman with silver/grey hair. It was my first time, I haven't been taken by another man before, I was nervous and shaking like a leaf. I arrived at his back door as he instructed, he was already waiting for me, naked and prepared. He…


My older first time guy

A True Story by bigbabyboy481

I had for a long time wanted to try sucking cock and being played with. With no experience at all, I finally connected with a guy in his late 70”s who invited me over to his home. I was so nervous and was shaking yet excited as I arrived. He was 15 years older than me, and I guess I always have had a…


Wow a first for me

A True Story by JEFFS71969

Used to work for an airlines in Northern Australia and openly gay working with 6 females on check in and boarding gate. One night at a local bar and eatery they set me up with another guy who they thought I'd like. So anyway after having the most succulent kangaroo with quandong sauce me and this…


I loved him

A True Story by WoodyGreens

So I'm straight - I thought. It started with texts. Doesn't everything these days? My gorgeous friend hinted he liked me. I hinted back. So began a slow (gay) seduction of intimate photo exchange. He was older. And had always been gay. I was, obviously therefore, younger and had played a bit but never…

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A Night at the Office

A True Story by peemkay

Found a guy that suits my needs and I might just suit his needs too, I think, been chatting on and off with this guy on GM for a little while now, he's a well hung top guy, looking for a horny bottom, which is me, when he said he wanted a guy to come and see him in his office after work, I thought that…