A young and eager virgin

A True Story by curiousbothways

I met my first gay encounter on this dating site. He was a mature gentleman with silver/grey hair. It was my first time, I haven't been taken by another man before, I was nervous and shaking like a leaf. I arrived at his back door as he instructed, he was already waiting for me, naked and prepared. He…


My older first time guy

A True Story by bigbabyboy481

I had for a long time wanted to try sucking cock and being played with. With no experience at all, I finally connected with a guy in his late 70”s who invited me over to his home. I was so nervous and was shaking yet excited as I arrived. He was 15 years older than me, and I guess I always have had a…


Wow a first for me

A True Story by JEFFS71969

Used to work for an airlines in Northern Australia and openly gay working with 6 females on check in and boarding gate. One night at a local bar and eatery they set me up with another guy who they thought I'd like. So anyway after having the most succulent kangaroo with quandong sauce me and this…


I loved him

A True Story by WoodyGreens

So I'm straight - I thought. It started with texts. Doesn't everything these days? My gorgeous friend hinted he liked me. I hinted back. So began a slow (gay) seduction of intimate photo exchange. He was older. And had always been gay. I was, obviously therefore, younger and had played a bit but never…

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A Night at the Office

A True Story by peemkay

Found a guy that suits my needs and I might just suit his needs too, I think, been chatting on and off with this guy on GM for a little while now, he's a well hung top guy, looking for a horny bottom, which is me, when he said he wanted a guy to come and see him in his office after work, I thought that…


Cum cleaner

A Fantasy by BicuriousD

After my wife swallowed the load from our last mmf, I was going to get the next load. We met out third in the hotel lobby and quickly went up to his room. Once there we poured a few glasses of champagne to break the ice. The Mrs excused herself to the bathroom to sort out her lingerie and suggested…

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First m2m interaction

A True Story by Marriedguy75

In the 90’s things were a bit different to the way they are today.As an 18 year old and totally non scene I had a burning desire to suck a guys cock. However how to go about finding a willing participant I had no idea. Back then I used to drive past a xxx shop and had worked up the courage to go in…


Seven inches of fun

A True Story by Twoholesforu

I was thirtyish a friend who was a top and had been fucking me for a awhile asked if he could fuck me in front of a guy he knew yeah I was up for that it would be wild the night came round I knocked on door he answered in I went in a chair was the guyhe said hello we made small talk so you going to…


2 mouthfuls of cum and a pounding at the adult cinema

A True Story by curiousbothways

Since Covid I haven’t been able to get much cock and I had the urge again to visit my local gloryhole in the city. Once in the cinema I pursued the crowd looking for my type. I prefer dad bods and daddy types hehe. It was a rather quite night and no one caught my eye right away and I decided to take…


The Juicy Rump

A True Story by MatureAnal

It was mid January this year, and Alice Springs was still in its summer close down so everywhere was extra quiet. Quiet, hot and a bit lonely at this oasis in the middle of the desert. I was staying at the Alice Springs casino hotel, and after a day out seeing the handful of customers still in…


My fantasy that I want to become real..

A Fantasy by luster321

I'm quite new to being bi and with covid, I decided to wait for a while before I act on my second time playing with a guy.. so hopefully I can find someone to do this.. I started chatting on here, its a monday and I have it off, the more we chat the more I want to meet, he finally said come on over…


Slave and loved it

A True Story by Billy9000

I meat a person on here same age as me he said to come to his house it was a week day i got there about 10.00 we sat down for a chat he lived on his own we torked about whot we liked to do i said l like to be a sex slave i just whonted to see whot it was like he said good i like to be your marster…


Hot Lunchtime Special

A True Story by freddo8689

I was feeling horny all morning, I knew what I wanted to do. I contacted a sexy, younger guy and arranged to meet him. He offered me a drink when I arrived, but I only took a sip before grabbing his cock through his shorts and asking where the bedroom was. As soon as we got in the room I pulled his shorts…


Fantasy became real

A True Story by lovetoplay13

I was amazed one night when I hooked up with a guy I just met on line. We arranged to leave my front door open. I was lying on my bed blindfolded and hooded. I had restraints waiting to be tied to the bed with. I had no idea what was to happen. He came in locked the front door behind him found me in…


Delivery Driver

A True Story by madj10

I ordered my groceries online the week I was home with Covid so the following week I thought I would order online again. I received a text advising the driver was on his way. When he got to my place, it was raining & he started unloading the groceries from his car. I met him at the door & thought…


Cock in the bush

A True Story by Sporty73

Now that things have settled down I decided that I couldn't do without cock anymore. So was actively looking for a buddy to play with. I chatted to one guy for a while and then agreed to meet him. We agreed to meet at a park in my area. The park is small but thick with bushland with a few walking…


Caught Balls Deep

A Fantasy by Queenmarty

I head up to your hotel room, where you open the door in only a towel. You pull me in embrace me in a kiss before the door closes. I begin to use my tongue to explore your body, I stop to examine your nipples, balls and erection with my mouth. My clothes come off layer by layer, until I'm inside your…


Sauna Visit

A True Story by freddo8689

It was your average afternoon, except I was going to get away from the office for a new experience. Towel Free Tuesday at the bathhouse was a turn on, so off I went. After getting undressed I entered the dark surrounds and went exploring. Wow so may guys of different shapes and sizes. I had recently…



A Fantasy by Wildheart66

My wife had to attend a conference in Adelaide so I went along to explore my wish list...I was going to meet up with a couple of males for fun but as always they cancelled. So I went down the work to the Club X paid my money and had a look around this place was going off and it was only lunchtime. As…


Trials and tribulations of an affair with a married bottom

A True Story by SurferBod

When you're fucking a married guy for a couple of years, you become very close, go to the guys house often, get to know and like the entire family, become a family friend, invited to dinner occasionally... I realised fairly early on that he's a total narcissist, but also such a great guy most of the…