my first massage

A True Story

I joined massageexchange and posted that I like to receive massages as I am not qualified to give and thought that this would be a good way to meet people around my own age. I got a message from a member who said that he would be happy to invite me over during the day in SE Melbourne and asked if I had any experiences which I replied no.
We exchanged phone numbers and started to text which was a lot easier and he gave me the address and a time that suited us.
He was well-spoken late 60's and met me at the front door and showed me through his very clean house to a bedroom that had some towels neatly spread over the bed and asked me to strip off and lay face down.
As I laid down he asked if it was ok for him to strip off and I agreed and noticed he was uncut about 6" and slightly erect as he went and got the baby oil, then moved my legs wide so that he could kneel between to start the massage. He was very good at reaching forward to do my shoulders and could feel his cock on my back as he worked away down to my middle back and buttocks. I noticed his heavy breathing as he was working on my buttocks and felt some oil being dribbled on my crack he opened them up and made me jump as he caught the oil near my anus apologising each time and asking if it was ok. I am not experienced and have never had this happen before but felt safe with him working on me so just nodded. He then asked if I would like to try a body slide which also has never happened to me so thought it might be fun and agreed, so he put some oil on himself and laid on top of me and started sliding back and forward. It felt amazing and I could feel his cock hitting my crack each time he put his hand under me and felt my hard cock and all of a sudden he popped into me about 3". He stopped while it was in and asked if it was ok, I just nodded as I felt obliged as he had invited me over and this was the only time that this had happened. I think that he knew that I was a novice and went for a short time before pulling out and flipping me over to start on my front.
He saw that I was fully erect and then started sucking me while he was wanking and we both exploded at the same time. He was a gentleman and got a face washer from the bathroom and cleaned me up before dressing and chatting and asked me back again any time.
I thought about it over time and thought that maybe with some lube it might be better than oil so contacted him only to find that he had moved interstate and Covid had just hit.
Is a fond memory