Sex shop surprise! A slightly embellished true story.

A True Story

Ever since the first time I'd seen a porno movie I've been obsessed with the Cock.
I guess that's due to the cartoon nature of pornography and seeing the ejaculation is what makes the sex real.
I'd always been able to get a woman to orgasm during sex and had some great blow jobs but I'd always wondered what it would be like to give a blow job and to experience making another man's cock hard and making him cum.
It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I stumbled across a gay porno magazine and I instantly got a raging hard on looking at pictures of guys wanking and sucking each other off.
Right then I knew I had to get my hands on some of this type of material to jerk off to.
I made my way into the city one Wednesday night and walked into an upstairs adult store.
Just opposite the top of the stairs at the shop counter sat a man in his mid - late fifties with salt and pepper hair and deep blue eyes. A total silver fox type, very handsome!
When he smiled at me and said "Good evening" in a velvety tone I noticed his full lips and thought they are very kissable. He also said "It's been dead in here all night and I was starting to wonder if anyone would come in and well, here you are" we held each other's gaze for a moment and I couldn't help but be a little turned on by his handsome face and pleasant demeanour.
I made my way to the video section and started perusing some gay movies on the shelves.
As I looked at some of the still pictures of the action on the rear of the dvd covers I started getting really turned on and things began to swell in my pants.
As I discreetly adjusted myself I heard that velvety voice from over my shoulder.
It said, how would you like the real thing? I turned around to see the silver fox standing in front of me with his pants pulled half way down exposing the biggest cock I had ever seen! It must of been a good 9 - 10 inches flaccid.
As I stared at his gorgeous manhood he said "are you interested in this"? I looked into those deep blue eyes, looked back at that gorgeous cock and It was all I could do to mouth out a meek "yes".
He stepped forward, took my hand and guided it toward his cock.
As I wrapped my fingers around his girth he closed the gap between us and placed his lips on mine.
As his tongue gently probed and parted my lips I started gently stroking his massive member and he moaned into my now open mouth as I felt his cock start to harden and swell in my hand.
It was such a fucking rush to know I was turning him on and making his massive cock hard!
Then I had a moment of panic, I broke the kiss and breathlessly stammered "what about the security cameras"? He explained that he was actually the store owner and he had taken a chance on me and he had turned the cameras off and locked the door.
We then picked up where we left off with deep passionate tongue kissing and my hand pumping up and down on his shaft.
By this time my own cock was rock hard and begging to be released from its confines.
He must have sensed this and undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and took down my fly. He broke our kiss just long enough to push my jeans down a bit so he could slide his hand down to take my throbbing cock in his hand and start stroking me. He noticed that I was already oozing pre cum and said " wow you're getting excited" to which I replied "it's my first time with another man" he looked into my eyes and said "well this will be extra special as you are my first first timer" I said "I've always wanted to suck a cock"!
He kissed me again with his hand placed on the back of my neck. About 10 seconds later he gently took my hand off his 11" hard on and shifted his hand onto my shoulder and asked do you want to give me head? Once again I looked into those sexy eyes and said "yes I want you in my mouth" I got down on my knees and put one hand around the base of his erection and cupped his significant ball sack with the other. I then put my lips to the head of his cock and eased forward so the head made its way between my lips and into my mouth and for the first time I had the head of another man's penis inside my mouth!
I pushed down and took another couple of inches in and started sliding my mouth slowly up and down. I knew I was doing OK because when I pushed him in a little deeper and flattened my tongue against the underside of the head as I pulled back up he made the most sexy moaning sound I've ever heard and it made my own cock throb with excitement!
As I started sucking just a little harder and started moving up and down a little faster he put his hands on my head and started gently thrusting to meet my rhythm. He said "when I cum I want you to hold it in your mouth" and when I increased the tempo just a little bit more I heard those beautiful words "I'm gonna cum" when I tasted his pre cum on my tongue I took him in about 2 inches past the head, flattened my tongue and sucked as hard as I could while I rubbed his shaft with my tongue. I felt the head of his cock expand in my mouth as he clenched his muscles and the first wad of his hot cum shot into my mouth. Then another, and then another. I lost count after about 7 and when he finished shooting his load he gently pulled his cock out of my eager mouth with an audible "pop".
He helped me to my feet. I'd done as he asked and held his massive load of cock snot in my mouth. He kissed me and once again parted my lips with his tongue and masterfully extracted most of his seed from my mouth into his own.
I swallowed the remainder of his spunk with a smile as did he.
He then knelt down and took my throbbing 7" into his mouth and gave me the best head I've ever had!
Just enough pressure, prefect use of his talented tongue on my shaft and sliding his lips all the way to the base and the head touching the back of his throat. It only took about a minute until I felt my balls tighten and I growled "I'm Cumming" he drew back half way and massaged my balls as spurt after spurt of my hot load was pumped onto his tongue.
After we recovered we went back to his place and fucked each other.

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