It Was Delicious **Half True, Half Fantasy**

A Fantasy

I met Perry through one of those "dating" sites, and after some messaging and sharing pics, he invited me around to his place for a beer when I had finished work.

I was relieved when he opened his front door and our eyes met for the first time. He looked good, and his reaction to me suggested that he was pretty happy too.
Inviting me in, we stood in his kitchen, sipping a beer and chatting (the sort of awkward small talk that people do when they're stalling).
Plucking up the courage, I eventually asked if I could use his shower, adding that he could watch or join me.
He showed me to the bathroom and said he'd love to watch, so I undressed for him and began to soap up my body.
Looking at him watch me was really turning me on, and I gently washed my hardening cock, pulling the foreskin back to expose the swelling pink head, then slowly wanking as I watched him undo his jeans, exposing his beautiful, growing cock.
I turned around so he could see my ass, and bending over, I spread my cheeks, exposing my willing hole.
Getting my hands slippery from the soap, I reached behind and began massaging myself, slipping the tip of a finger inside occasionally. Then, looking back at him, I inserted a finger as deep as I could and began fingering myself. By now, Perry had a nice erection that he was wanking as he watched me.
I lined up a second finger and pushed it inside of me, it hurt a little, but fuck it felt good, and although it was an awkward position, I managed to gently finger fuck myself.
I had my eyes closed, focusing on the sensation and enjoying being watched, when I felt a hand caressing my cheeks, I looked around and it was Perry, naked, with his beautiful rock hard cock in his other hand.
Without a word spoken, I removed my fingers and he guided his shiny purple head against me. I relaxed and groaned as his helmet pushed through and entered me, suddenly making me feel very full. I braced myself against the wall as he slowly fed himself deeper in my ass. I could feel every bit of his length stretch me with every gentle push, until I had his whole cock inside me, he paused, then slowly withdrew, before slowly feeding my hole again.
My ass was burning, and it felt like Perry was splitting me in half, but I was loving it and I wanted more.

After a few more strokes, Perry pulled out, making me suddenly feel very empty, but replaced his cock with his tongue as he licked and "tongue fucked" my ass. The slurping and his moans from his rimming showed me he was enjoying it as much as I was, but it was time to move things to his bedroom.
I layed down on his bed with my head over the edge and waited as Perry approached. I reached out and wrapped one hand around his cock, that had now softened a little, and the other cupped his balls, his cock felt warm and his balls full and heavy. He bent down and kissed me, (I had never kissed a guy before, it was firm and his whiskers against my face was a real turn on). The smell and feel of his breath as our lips parted urged me to accept his tongue, and my mouth quickly filled with the wet taste of him as our tongues wrestled in our combined juices.
I could feel his cock growing in my hand, and when he stood up, I pulled his cock towards me. I licked around its head, then opened my mouth and he slid it straight in, my tongue tasting the saltiness. Massaging and pulling on his balls, I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked him hard, gagging slightly as the head neared the back of my throat.
Meanwhile, I felt my cock being wanked, then the warm sensation as he took me into his mouth. He knew what he was doing, his tongue worked my head and shaft as he was massaging my balls firmly.
He lifted my leg then I felt a finger probing my ass, I lifted my leg more, then gasped as his finger penetrated me.
How good was this - I had Perrys cock lightly fucking my mouth, I was receiving a nice deep finger fucking while being expertly sucked and the room was filled with the sounds of our moans and slurping.
It felt so good and I was so turned on, that I warned I might cum, but Perry didn't stop - In fact he inserted a second finger into my ass, which was enough to put me over the edge.
A wave like I had never felt before slowly swept over my body and I started to orgasm. I moaned loudly as my ass clamped around his fingers, and he sucked harder as my cock throbbed, releasing my cum into his mouth.
As I lay there in a daze, he stood up and bent down to kiss me again. He hadn't swallowed yet, so as our tongues wrestled, we shared in the taste of my cum until it was all gone.
Still on my back, Perry moved around on the bed and knelt between my legs. He put a pillow under me for better access, and I lay there, watching him, as he applied a generous amount of lube to his cock, and then my ass.
I lifted my legs, and reaching down, I spread my cheeks. I watched with excitement as Perry lined up his swollen head and penetrated me once again. This time sliding his whole shaft all the way in first time - I let out a long guttural groan as he filled me. FUUUUCK.....
Perry began to fuck my ass, long and slow, occasionally pulling out, only to guide it back inside.
He leaned down and we managed to kiss again, deep and wet, while his thrusts became harder, making me let out little involuntary noises and my body jerk with every heavy thrust.
He started to breathe heavier and he knelt back up, grabbed my legs and really started to fuck me. He was like an animal, his thrusts had become faster and he was really fucking me hard.
I was loving it, the feeling of being fucked like this, and watching him as he started to groan, saying he was going to cum. I begged him to cum in my ass, then Perry let out a growl and groaned as his body jerked and he ejaculated inside me.
He pulled out immediately and buried his face in my ass. He was moaning and I could hear slurping as he was licking and sucking my now swollen hole. He then bought his face up to mine, he had a bit of his cum on his chin, so I licked it off before our open mouths and cum soaked tounges mingled again......
It was delicious.