My first sauna experience

A True Story

Back when I was in my early 20s, I had a job in Melbourne CBD as a Team Leader (and weekend manager) of a call centre from the hours of 3.30pm til midnight. I had to run to get everyone out on time so I could catch my last train home, which was at the train station around the corner at 12.06am. It didn't always work out; sometimes I had to catch a taxi home.

For those not local to the area, there's a place in Melbourne called Subway Sauna. I'd known about it for a while, I'd only been "out" for a few years but never had the guts to go to a sauna. I'm generally VERY shy.

Well one night when I missed the train, I decided to hell with it - I was going in. I walked past the entrance 2 or 3 times, only because of other pedestrians nearby. Finally I went in. Now, I've since been to a few saunas but there was something about this one that I instantly loved, despite my nerves. It was dark, a bit seedy at the time, but it was exactly what I was wanting.

I got inside, undressed and took a shower, then had a look around. So..much...cock. Guaranteed my mouth would have been hanging open. I was too nervous to make any eye contact, so once I found the spa I dropped the towel and quickly ducked into the water. There were a few guys around, I think a couple were looking at me but I didn't trust myself to look. All of a sudden, a new guy jumped into the spa and sat next to me, deliberately touching his leg to mine. I was rock hard, but still too shy to do anything.

He was cute, toned, with a nice stubble and a hairy chest. After he made no other moves, I awkwardly got out of the spa, my cock erect for all the world to see. I did manage to make eye contact with the guy before leaving for one of the porn rooms. Sure enough he followed me in, and I got to see his very thick cock. Without a word, he knelt in front of me and started giving me head. At this point my nerves were gone even with the other people in the room watching us.

I stood up, and he spun me around, burying his face in my ass, his stubble tickling in just the right way. I saw him reach for a condom from the bowl, and I actually almost objected but bit my tongue - next thing I know he was lubed up and slipping in. He wasn't too patient, but I was so ready. He pounded me hard and fast, and when he was close, he pulled out, spun me around, took off the condom, and blew his hot load on my chest and face. He kissed me, licking up some of his cum at the same time, smiled, and left.

So I was now aching to cum, my ass felt great but wanted MORE. Two new guys had been standing in the doorway, watching. I don't know if they were partners or friends, but they gestured for me to come with them. I did. Without giving me time to shower the last guy off me, they took me to a private room, dropped their towels and positioned me on the bed.

This was the first time I had ever been spit-roasted and GOD I loved it, feeling one cock thrusting me from behind, while I'm gagging on another in front. The guy I was blowing came first, and you can bet I swallowed every drop of his hot cum. The other guy then spun me over so I was on my back, he started fucking me faster while the other one grabbed my cock and started pumping it hard. I blew so quickly, and the guy fucking me smiled as he came in me, panting hard.

Needless to say, I made sure to miss the train on many more occasions after that!