The awesome 4some

A Fantasy

There was four guys in a room with a whole day to spare. Me and 3 others.
In this room was a special padded comfy multi adjustable seat with a cutaway so that there's plenty of access to the scrotum from the front or the behind. There was a couple of chairs and stools.
We each had a colored marble and wrote down the color. Mine was blue. Then we put the marbles in a black bag. Then one of us pulled a marble out of the bag.
It was orange. So the guy with the orange marble sits on the special chair. We adjust the height so that it's the perfect height for someone to sit on a chair and comfortably devour his cock. We adjusted the leg wrests so his legs are wide apart and adjusted the angle so he was comfortable and then strapped him into position.
Then they pulled another marble out of the bag. I was the yellow one.
The yellow guy sat down and wrapped his hands around his whole scrotum and balls. He enjoyed it immensely as his scrotum was being massaged and fondled. This made him very hard.
Then another marble was pulled out of the bag. It was the green one.
The yellow guy was still working his hands all over his scrotum and he was not going to stop. The green guy started very gently fondling his very hard cock. He trembled and squeaked with excitement as his silky smooth hands slowly worked the whole of his cock. This went on for quite a while. He was trembling and shuddering and loving it.
Now the orange guy opened his big mouth and began to devour his cock with out letting go of his scrotum. He slowly made his way to the base of his cock and then began to work his cock deep in his throat extremely slowly with his tongue. The yellow guy sat behind him and grabbed his scrotum from behind so that the orange guy could let go and concentrate more on devouring his cock.
He was a real mess by now.
It was up to him to say if he's going to cum or if he is cumming. He was getting very close, but he didn't want it to end. He said "I'm going to cum". Immediately everyone stopped to make sure he wouldn't cum. Then the yellow guy and the green guy swapped rolls. He waited a little while to calm down and then he said go and they got straight back to where they left off.
It wasn't very long till he almost came again and did the same. It went back and forth like that about 5 times and then he couldn't hold out any longer and said "I'm cumming". Them no one held back. He screamed out "Oh fuck yeah" a few times as they worked his cock and balls and scrotum like there was no tomorrow. It was like he was having a crazy fit unable to speak anything legible and finally his cock let go as he made some very strange noises because it was so extremely intense. They thoroughly blew his cock good and proper.
We unstrapped him and he went and had a rest for a while.
Now it was the yellow guys turn. We got him into the best position and strapped him in. It was the green guys turn to look after his scrotum and balls. And my turn to look after his cock.
We repeated the same procedure on the green guy with me and the green guy while the orang guy had a rest . And then gave the green guy the same treatment.
No it was my turn. I was so ridiculously horny. It was less intense than the other 3 blowjobs so far. Every second was fucking fantastic beyond belief. I was a complete blithering mess. They did it all extremely slow and I almost came 7 times.
Now it was time for my break as they gave the orange guy his second round of treatment.
By the time it was my turn again I was right up for it.
I can't remember how many rounds we went but I'm sure I went more than four and I can't wait to rest up my cock and do it all again.