So turned on

A True Story

I was at my local recreation centre just yesterday and after a short workout and sometime in the spa I headed for the showers.
Whilst I was in there I just had this overwhelming feeling and I felt my cock starting to get hard.
I knew there were other guys getting changed so I walked out with my towel wrapped around me and I found a spot were I could get changed.
Now i normally stay clear of getting naked in front of guys but today was just the opposite. Were I placed my change of clothes was opposite a full length mirror that went the whole length of the change room. Upon noticing this I grabbed my towel and started to slowly dry my hair all the time I was looking in the mirror hoping I could see someone looking at my cock as it started to swell again. I could see and feel a pair of eyes looking at me so I turned and faced him still pretending to dry my hair. You could tell he liked what he seen as I noticed his cock was also starting to swell. I wanted to walk back into that shower cubicle and hopefully he would follow but I was to shy. I turned around and bent over giving him full view of my tight virgin hole and all I could think about was feeling his warm mouth and his tounge fucking it. I got dressed and headed home and couldn't get my cock out quick enough to start rubbing it. Thinking how much he was enjoying my little show.
I can't wait to do it again and hopefully I will have the courage to chat to the next spectator and let them take me home and have there way with me. Hopefully I will get to feel what it's like to be fucked by another guy soon.