We finally meet

A True Story

Bill and I have been chatting on and off for over 12 months but had never caught up for one reason or another. We starting chatting this day talking about what we could do, some of our fantasies and it was getting us both turned on. We both agreed that today will be the day we finally meet and arranged a time in the afternoon. I was excited that we would finally meet and took my time to prepare.
At the agreed time I hear the knock at my door, I open it to greet him and say how good it is to finally meet. I lead him into the lounge room for some friendly chat and to get to know him a little better. Bill was now feeling at ease and comfortable and I glanced down and noticed a slight bulge starting to appear in his pants. With that I said lets head off to the bedroom, so up we hopped and as he was following I put my hand back and felt his hardening cock, and he let out a quite moan of approval.
Once in the bedroom I said to Bill I would like to try something different and could he trust me in that I wouldn't do anything he wasn't comfortable with and he agreed. I asked him to take off all his clothes and to lay down on the bed which he promptly did.
I told Bill he was about to experience new sensations and with that I placed a blindfold on him, I then tied his hands to the bedhead, he's now at my mercy and he must be enjoying it as his cock starts to grow in size.
Now I can have my way and to start I slowly kiss his beautiful 7 inch cut cock, I lick his balls and make my way back to his ever growing cock and I take into my mouth sliding it up and down. Bill says that feels good so I continue to suck and lick it, slap it against my lips. I then grab a ruler and gentle tap his balls and each time his cock stands up straighter. I then slap his cock with the ruler, not too hard but enough to make it flinch. But each time I slapped him I took his cock in my mouth to sooth it.
I now had his cock at full mast and I knew I had to have it. I got some lube and caressed his cock with it, I then put some lube on my luv hole and I mounted him cowgirl style. I grab his cock and slowly rub it around my waiting hole then I lower my self down onto it. I go slowly and inch my way onto it, I can feel his knob stretching my hole and then I feel it go in. It felt so good I couldn't wait to take it all in.
The good thing about doing it cowgirl style I could control the pace and depth of his beautiful cock in me. I lower myself further down his cock , then I lift up down again, up again I have this rhythm going. His cock felt so good but I wanted it all the way in so I slid down till his cock had fully impaled me and I could feel his balls against my arse. Fuck me Bill said but I just sat there savouring the moment. All this time my cock is as hard as and I notice my pre cum dripping down onto his stomach.
I start to ride his cock increasing the tempo and Bill just said yes fuck my hard cock. I tell Bill how good his cock feels in my tight arse and yes I want to fuck him. I continue to slide my arse up and down to the point where I can feel him starting to tense so I knew he was getting close to cuming. I hop off as I wanted to taste his cum. I started to rub his cock and as he tensed I rubbed harder, and I knew it was time, so I positioned my mouth so he could explode. Explode he did shot after shot of this warm cum shooting into my mouth, I swirl it around with my tongue and finally swallow it, it tasted so good, I then took his cock in my mouth and sucked every last little drop of cum that I could.
I untied Bill from the bed, took of the blindfolds and asked him how that was and all he said was fuuuck that was good. I said I'm glad you enjoyed it as I enjoyed it as well.